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Multiple Intelligences Test

01 - Often I tend to draw someone directions or a route to a specific place, rather than describing it in words

Multiple Intelligences Test 35 Questions

That every person in this life possesses several intelligences, which differ in their level from one person to another, that these intelligences usually operate in an integrated manner and in multiple ways, and vary in their levels within the same individual.

The multiple types of intelligences can be developed, developed and elevated if the individual has motivation, appropriate training and encouragement is found, and that the best way to measure intelligence is in the real world, as a person struggles to achieve his goals and accomplish his goals.

This scale is an effective tool in determining your intelligence and capabilities. This will certainly help you define your career path in which you will innovate in the future, and it will also help you to determine the university major or diploma that suits you and that prepares you for excellence in that professional path.

Multiple intelligence theory emphasizes encouraging individuals to use intelligence in learning, and the implementation of teaching methods shows different forms of intelligence and distinction between a creative teacher and others, with the measurement of any of these forms during learning that do not depend on students ’academic achievement.

People have different intelligences, and therefore they do not learn in one way, so do not hesitate and start the test now